Legislative Standards for Cups and Glasses

If you are serving alcohol in your printed event cups and glasses then you need to ensure they conform to the relevant standard in your country. H&G presently offer CE, UKCA and UKNI verifications and markings. 

CE Marked : 50 – 60CL Printed Festival Cup ( Gobelets ) | 33 – 40CL Printed Festival Cup   ( Gobelets )

UKCA Marked : 1 Pint | 1/2 Pint Printed Festival Cup

UKCA Cup Markings

European Union

If your cups are destined for the European Union then your cups should be marked with the CE marking.

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England, Scotland & Wales

UKCA marking is mandatory by law for glasses that are being used to served in licenced establishments to sell by measurements.

Since exiting the EU any drinking glasses and cups for serving alcohol in the in the UK needs to have a verification of its capacity and conform to the UKCA standard, similar to the previous CE verification. This includes England, Scotland and Wales. Happyandgreen.co can mark your printed cups with Pints or Half Pints. A pint is 568ml. 

Any cups and glasses manufactured previously with a CE marking can still be used to serve alcohol for the life of the product. 


Northern Ireland
UKNI Verificton

Northern Ireland

The UKNI marking is a new conformity marking drinking cups in Northern Ireland which have undergone mandatory third-party conformity assessment by a body based in the UK.

H&G Printed Cup Specialist


We produce printed cups in a variety of sizes to cater for all and can produce the same design on different sized cups with your order is pan UK / Europe or further afield. This applies to our re-usable cups, paper pint cups and printed glasses. 

If you need any help or guidance please contact H&G and we will be pleased to assist. 

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